Geek Girl Riot - #134: Alyssa Wong – Whachudoin’?

Sherin attended the Capclave science fiction and fantasy convention this weekend and sat down with guest of honor Alyssa Wong!

Alyssa is a sci-fi and fantasy writer who has been terrifying and amazing us with her short stories and her work on our fave video games. She’s won the Nebula Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the Locus Award, to name a few, and her latest venture is taking her into the world of Overwatch. With so many stories to tell, who better to chat to for our latest Whachudoin’?

Alyssa is currently working on a novel about teenagers, romance and social media, and godkilling (naturally). Listen in as she shares how she realized she was ready to write a novel and how she unlocks stories from within (hint: it involves a lot of bubblegum pop). She also talks about how her incredibly powerful short story The Fisher Queen came to life, the importance of writing for yourself and, of course, zombie Jesus. It’s a thing.


Pocket Interview No. 8 - Alyssa Wong

In which we chat with writer Alyssa Wong about, among other things…

  • Sex

  • Guilt

  • Fear

  • Confidence

  • Bible Monsters

  • Junji Ito

  • Growing up in the desert

  • Seeing beauty in what others call ugly

  • The many tiers of horror

If you enjoy reading interviews more than listening to them, you can click here and read a footnoted version of the interview.


11.28: Impostor Syndrome, with Alyssa Wong

Alyssa Wong, Campbell Award nominee and Nebula Award winner, joins us to talk about impostor syndrome. This is the frame of mind that many successful writers suffer from, in which they worry that they’re not really good enough at writing to be enjoying their success. Worse, this mindset can prevent us from continuing to create.

Many of us suffer from this, and we have some strategies to cope with it.